Hello, my name is Joaquín Prados and I started LookRender in Málaga (Spain) in 2005 as a studio specialised in 3d computer graphics, animation and virtual tours focused on interior design and architecture. Currently the studio is located in Valencia.

How does LookRender work?

LookRender is a studio specialised in 3D computer graphics that adapts to each project in order to deliver on time with the highest quality.

The studio is organised with a network of computer graphics professionals that allows it to adapt and scale according to the scale of the project. Decision-making and quality control is centralised in the studio. The studio is coordinated with a CRM system and project tracking software so that the client knows where each project is in the process.


To offer the highest quality products to our customers, to be considered as the most efficient solution for their promotion.

LookRender‘s philosophy is to implement projects capable of transmitting feelings and emotions.


I believe that a sense of responsibility and trust is my strong point. If the client trusts LookRender, he can be sure that we will deliver everything on time, according to the schedule that both parties had previously agreed upon.


The use of 3D images is the best way to show projects with a high degree of detail before they are carried out. That’s why we are experts in the creation of still images, animations and 3D virtual tours.

Our customers

Since 2005 we have been providing services for all types of companies, from national studios to international brands. This fact gives a great versatility to adapt to any project and to the objectives of each type of client, regardless of their size or strategic sector. These are some of the clients who have placed their trust in the studio.

  • Manolo Campos Arq.
  • Pepe Cosín
  • IdLatina
  • ACeda Arq.
  • 2GInteriorismo
  • El Corte Inglés
  • Gestilar
  • Moinsa
  • Pfuner Design Miami
  • CanoyEscario
  • Sanz Espacio Creativo
  • Azulev
  • NH Hoteles
  • Sandon
  • Stacbond
  • Sbos Interiorismo
  • Rafael Armero
  • Eikon Design
  • Grupo Bimbo
  • Emealcubo
  • LineaEstudio
  • Quiroga Arq.
  • Burger King
  • Carlos Parla Arq.
  • Hekkio.and
  • Adolfo Domínguez
  • Rocersa
  • Qubico
  • Antima Homes
  • Salsa
  • Telefonica
  • PepeCabrera Interiors.
  • Jorge Barber
  • Ylla Arq.
  • Cotolma
  • Cardumen
  • Serena Studio
  • Cocacola Group.
  • Oreo
  • OptimiRooms
  • DualDesign
  • Inpar Arquitectura
  • Sanchis home
  • El Departamento
  • Sigamo Global

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